September 23, 2015 Kyirisan

With Kyirisan, Tim Ma takes another crack at naming his Shaw restaurant

The pending Tim Ma restaurant in Shaw formerly known as Freehand has a new name: Kyirisan.

Come again?

[Turns out, Freehand, the name Tim Ma planned to give his new restaurant, isn’t free]

We don’t blame Ma and his wife and co-owner Joey Hernandez for coming up with something so unique. After announcing that the couple’s first project in the District (they also own Ballston’s Water & Wall) would be named Freehand, they were threatened with a legal challenge from a hospitality group that operates several hostels with the same name.

This time, their trademark application is in, and Ma is confident the new moniker will stick.

“We wanted to give the restaurant a name that meant something to us,” Ma said, and that kept coming down to their three kids, ages 5, 3 and 9 months. “We somehow wanted to incorporate them into the name.”

Kyirisan is derived from the Chinese words “kun” (pronounced like “quinn”) and the phonetic spellings of “one,” “two” and “three,” or “yi,” “er” and “san.” Ma said the significance of “kun” is that it is the name assigned to his children’s generation, the last in a line of 20 chosen by “some Ma guy” way back when. To form the restaurant name, Ma and Hernandez combined the “k” from “kun” with the Chinese numbers. (It’s pronounced like kyr-i-sahn.)

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